It’s ok to [Piotr Wiśniewski]…

It’s ok to [Piotr Wiśniewski] Ekstraklasa. (77/100)

The year is 2017, Donald Trump becomes the US President, Arka Gdynia won the Puchar Polski, and Flight MH370 goes missing. It is also the year Piotr Wiśniewski retired from professional football.

On 28 May 2017 Piotr was warming up on the side lines in the Stadion Energa. It’s a warm day in the city of Gdańsk and Lechia are playing Pogoń Szczecin. It was a day of celebration, but football is not all about the good times, sometimes there are periods of difficulty.

The journey into the top leagues of Polish football was a slower one for Piotr. He started his career playing for his home town club of Wierzyca Starogard Gdański and joined Kaszubia Kościerzyna in 2003. After receiving a low amount of playing time Piotr moved down a division, joining Lechia Gdańsk in the third tier.

Lechia won the third division, but Piotr was still not commanding a starting position, only playing 6 league games for Lechia in that first season. Lechia were in the I liga for the next three years, Piotr only having a consistent starting position in one of those seasons. But Lechia won promotion to the Ekstraklasa in 2008, and fortunes changed for Piotr.

Despite being in a more competitive league Piotr was a starting player for Lechia for the next 7 seasons, only having long spells out of the team due to injury. But as with all players time slowly ticks on their careers, and in 2017 it was time for Piotr to hang up the boots, but he wasn’t finished yet.

Thinking about his final appearance for Lechia, would Piotr have been happy with his career? Probably. He is 8th on the list of all time appearances for Lechia (260) and 11th on the list for all time goals for the club (48). It wasn’t the most glamourous career, but he did his job.

The 28 May 2017 was the last home game of the season. Marco Paixão had put Lechia 3-0 up completing his hat-trick on the 69th minute (nice). Piotr was going to end his career with a win, that had been guaranteed by now. In the 75th minute Piotr was subbed onto the pitch, to give the fans one last chance to see him in Lechia’s colours, it was meant to be a celebratory send off, nothing more.

In the 79th minute the corner came into the area. The ball was headed on by Steven Vitória into the six yard box, right into the path of Piotr. After 13 seasons with Lechia it had all come down to this. The header from Piotr, straight past the goalkeeper. He goes off to celebrate, crying, the players celebrate with him.


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