It’s ok to [Paweł Adamowicz]…

It’s ok to [Paweł Adamowicz] Ekstraklasa

The year is 2019, Lechia Gdańsk finish third in the Ekstraklasa for only the second time in their history, Lechia won the Puchar Polski for only the second time in their history, Lechia won the SuperPuchar Polski for only the second time in their history, and Lechia played in a European competition for only the second time in their history. It was also the year that the Mayor of Gdańsk and life long Lechia Gdańsk fan missed out on all of these events, because it was this year Paweł Adamowicz was assassinated on stage.

Born in Gdańsk it was only natural for Paweł to become interested in Lechia. He witnessed the triumphs in the early 1980’s, and witnessed the game against Juventus in 1983.

It was when he became the Mayor of Gdańsk in 1998 he was able to have a greater and direct impact on the club that he loved.

It is well known that Lechia were shit in the 1990’s, and being involved in mergers didn’t help. After the failed merger of Lechia–Polonia Gdańsk, Lechia had to restart from the sixth tier. And this is where Paweł started to really get involved.

During the first few years of Lechia restarting in the lower divisions Paweł helped mainly in two ways. As past players have stated, he offered emotional and mental support for the club. Players have said that he provided all of the resources that they needed, and was always dedicated towards helping the club. The second way was that he also helped to organise sponsorships that the club desperately needed.

As Lechia climbed the leagues Paweł was always there. When Lechia became a joint stock company he was deeply offended, mainly because Lechia hadn’t invited him into the discussions. But he never turned his back on the club. Paweł was also deeply involved in the discussions for the Euros being held in Gdańsk for the 2012 tournament, and the city of course was chosen, leading to a nice new stadium for the city. While the stadium is currently too big for the club, it offers the opportunity for growth, and with greater facilities it helped to draw in greater players.

Lechia had a good year in 2019, and Paweł was not there to see it. But if it was not for Paweł Adamowicz, and the help and support he provided for Lechia when they needed it 19 years earlier, possibly no one else would have seen it either.

Lechia won both the Puchar Polski and SuperPuchar Polski, finished third in the Ekstraklasa, and played in Europe. Polonia Gdańsk, the other team involved in that merger are still struggling in the lower divisions. It is possible that Lechia could have been in the same position without Paweł’s involvement.

He died on 14 January 2019 after succumbing to his stab wounds. In his memory Lechia wore an all black kit while playing at home against Pogoń Szczecin on 9 February, winning the game 2-1.

Paweł Adamowicz pasjonował się Lechią, pasjonował się Ekstraklasą. Nie ma nic złego w pasjonowaniu się polską piłką ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

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This is the last of my short biography series in English. I hope you’ve enjoyed.